VirtualMap LLC

who we are

We are a graphic design studio based in Boston specializing in cartography—the intricate art of crafting maps. Many of our designs have a primary focus on the New England area, but our expertise extends to creating maps for any location worldwide. Our maps offer a unique way to bring your dearest memories into your living space, providing a level of representation that goes beyond what standard photographs can achieve.

  • How It Started

    VirtualMap was founded in January 2023 when the founder, Thomas, started creating maps of the British and Australian cities he used to live in. Over time, this hobby turned into a collection of maps featuring numerous locations around his hometown of Boston. VirtualMap emerged as a project born out of passion for mapping different places and sharing those experiences globally.

  • About the Founder

    VirtualMap's founder, Thomas, developed a passion for maps from a young age, vividly recalling the moment he received his first globe at the age of 10. During his college years, Thomas pursued environmental biology in Australia and computer science in the UK. Later, he combined his diverse knowledge to create captivating and intricate maps, each a testament to his journey and expertise.